Deli Skate Supply - San Antonio, TX
Deli Skate Supply - San Antonio, TX
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Nike SB Raffle Information Page





We WILL NOT be able to respond to emails, comments, DMs, or phone calls so please READ THE RULES COMPLETELY & CAREFULLY. Phone calls will immediately be directed to our instagram and website.

Raffle Ticket will be available IN-STORE ONLY at Deli Skate Supply.

Raffle Tickets are FREE OF CHARGE (NO purchase necessary to win opportunity to purchase item.)

1 Raffle Ticket per person. 

Raffle Ticket is 1 entry for chance to purchase 1 pair in selected size at time of entry.



You must be following our Instagram and be Subscribed to our Newsletter to be eligible to win. Signup at bottom of page.


1. In-store entries will close 1 day prior to release.

2. One entry per person. No exceptions. If you attempt to enter twice, you will be disqualified and blacklisted from future raffles. 

3. Name, selected shoe size, phone number, Instagram account & email address will need to be completely filled out on entry to qualify.


1. Winners will be contacted by email on day of drawing between 4pm – 8pm CST. DO NOT CALL OR MESSAGE to see if winners have been contacted. If you do so, you will be disqualified and blacklisted from future raffles. 

2. Payment and transfer of pairs will be determined individually with winners.

3. Any pair not paid for after 48 hours will be re-raffled to a new winner from the existing pool of raffle entries.