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DESIGNARIUM - Natas Kaupus Dalek Space Monkey Numbered 500/500

DESIGNARIUM - Natas Kaupus Dalek Space Monkey Numbered 500/500

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Natas Kaupus Dalek Space Monkey

New in Shrink Wrap

Limited Numbered - 500/500

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    Please be advised you are purchasing a New Old Stock product that may vary in age. These are rare products and are not replaceable. Most all our items on this site are one of a kind products and are near impossible to find.

    Collector Decks - Please be advised that with all Skateboards the glues have a tendency to lose their adhesiveness after a number of years and it is not recommended to skate older collector decks. These decks are rare pieces of the history of skateboarding and should be treated as the holy grail. All skateboards are sold without any warranty and as-is.

    We are excited to share our collection with you and encourage you to reach out to us with any questions about the products prior to purchasing.

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